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When Captain Richard King built a ranch along Santa Gertrudis Creek, it was Henrietta King’s mission to make it a home, and it grew to be so much more than that. During the early years of the King Ranch, South Texas was frontier territory, with primitive trails crossing the Wild Horse Desert connecting Corpus Christi with growing towns along the vibrant commercial corridor of the Rio Grande, and all roads seemed to lead to or through Henrietta’s kitchen. Through civil war, America’s westward expansion, and especially the cultivation of truly American cattle and quarter horse breeds, King Ranch hospitably served kings, generals, presidents, and captains of industry, all while serving the Kineños, the working men and women who built the ranch from the ground up. All were welcome and all were fed, and you can bet the conversation was lively.

King Ranch Texas Kitchen extends the same authentic South Texas hospitality that Henrietta King considered essential to her ranch home, with the same uncompromising attention to detail, quality, and experience. As Captain King might’ve suggested, we focus on what we do best, homegrown Texas ranch meats like beef, nilgai, and quail. Our proximity to the Gulf Coast means fresh seafood on your table at a moment’s notice, served with locally sourced produce that will taste like Mrs. King picked it from her own garden

The King Ranch Texas Kitchen experience is one that comes as close as possible to dining in Henrietta’s kitchen, and one that will foster moments and memories that will never fade.

In Texas, one thing is certain, the value of a kitchen table is absolute. It is the launching pad for conversations and celebrations, conflicts and resolutions, families, and friendships. Our goal is to build a kitchen table that will honor the hospitality rooted deeply in the history of King Ranch, but one that will also nourish a brighter future for all. If that’s the kind of kitchen table experience that speaks to you, pull up a chair, and join the conversation.

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